With our contacts within the industry, we can guarantee a price far below most office suppliers and with our knowledge of your rate of use; provide you with a regular supply to satisfy your ongoing needs.

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For a more flexible infrastructure as far as company IT is concerned, we can help you choose the best fit – custom installation where we help you decide the right combination for your business means less headaches for you and your IT department, so you can focus on the important aspects of day to day business.

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On occasion, software and hardware issues cannot be fixed remotely. Whether it's a broken hard drive, a damaged wire or a dead pc, we offer on-site support to local clients which means you can be well assured that we’ll be there when you need us.

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Printer care

Our resident HP Engineer is available to carry out servicing and repairs to all Hewlett Packard, Canon, and Brother Fax equipment.

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Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is the modern way of hosting your website which may have a large amount of visitors each day. It is ideal for ecommerce or online businesses that are reliable on trustworthy and faultless connections that are fast, up to date and accurate.

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Web design

Smaller companies can’t always decide on a website because of the creative and technical expertise required. Being pushed into building a website that screams style and uses superb graphics and superior written content can boost sales.

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There are several ways to network small business systems, we can structure them through the Ethernet (using a local area network), through the internet or by using properly structured telephone systems

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Telephone systems

We will plan your complete telephone system using the technology that best meets the needs of the business, along with any future expansion you wish to incorporate.

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Any questions?

You can email us any questions you have on our services and costs by using the email form on this site.

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